This project is installed at the ‘Circa’ development in the Broadmoor neighbourhood of Richmond BC.  It is a screenprinted and painted mural with photo-imagery

and text.  The public art is envisioned by the project developers to “contribute to the overall character and vibrancy of the centre” while also relating to the objectives of  sustainability, community and sense of place.

The image of a blueberry bush was chosen as a metaphor for these objectives.  Portions of the farm where blueberries were first planted in Richmond in the 1920s remain in production today with plants that are now over 7’ tall. They are a perfect symbol of sustainability in that they require little or no irrigation due to the moisture retention qualities of the peat bog where they grow and thusly their impact on local water resources is minimal. Their hardiness reflects the history and perseverance of all those who have resided here, called Richmond home and worked to create this modern diverse community.  The bogs are also referenced within the name Broadmoor. The moor being the nutrient rich bog in which the blueberry grows. Bogs have been called the “lungs of the region”

The work was provided by the developer through participation in the City of Richmond Public Art Program for more information please visit.

production images