Games We’ve played was a project originally conceived with Queen Victoria teacher Perry Buchan. The theme of the project was to explore traditional games. The students first spoke to their families about the games they played as children. As “Queen Vic” is an elementary school composed of families from throughout the world the students brought back descriptions of games that reflected this diversity of cultural backgrounds.

Each student produced a design after a series of drawing workshops. Two tiles of each design were printed and then painted. One of each pair was included in a mural that was installed on the exterior of the school adjacent to the playground. The other tile - its match - was installed at locations within the neighbourhood,  in effect linking the school to the greater community. 

Other projects inspired by “Games”  followed. Perry developed the “Games” idea into a school wide original musical written and performed by students, staff and parents. Parent Lorie Olson researched and developed a “Games” video for the National Film Board.


Games We’ve Played

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