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The sculpture in the plaza references the form of the ships seen in the local dry-docks and acts as a metaphor for the change that the region has undergone. The curved leading edge of the piece reminds me of the huge hulls of ships as they sit high and dry undergoing repairs. With their surfaces exposed I saw in their worn, peeling, rusty patinas, stories of their global travels and imagined the weather and the oceans they’d conquered and the ports they glided into. These weathered surfaces are reflected in the cladding of the sculpture. As the form curves back we see markings on the piece that reference the depth markers and plimsoll lines of these huge vessels. Deeper within the color I’ve added texture and markings that on closer inspections reveal charts and maps.


Esplanade and Semisch Avenues,

North Vancouver, BC

Listing is composed of 6 individual elements.

  1. a 6’ x 12’ x 3’ curving steel and concrete form 

  clad in painted, printed and kiln fired glass.

  1. 4 smaller sculptures of the same materials installed within the gardens and viewed as one walks up Semisch Avenue.

  1. a viewing scope at the top of Semisch Avenue         

  that affords views into the harbour and across to 

  downtown Vancouver.



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