Roots of our Future for the new Steveston Fire Hall honours the history and current activities of the Richmond Fire Department while also representing the community of Steveston.

It is an undulating sculptural steel form that sandwiches an aluminum and concrete core, and echoing a wave-like motion. To reflect Richmond Fire-Rescue and the region’s history and changing character, photo-imagery and text has been applied using ceramic enamels and glazes. Each of the 3800 hand cut pieces of glass has been hand coloured, kiln fired and then individually installed onto the concrete core.

On each side of the artwork is an enlarged section of a Pacific Crab Apple tree. These trees line the banks of Scotch Pond adjacent to Garry Point Park in Steveston.  They are hardy, robust trees with small red fruit and while standing beside these trees on a cold winter day, I felt they represented the strength and resilience of the fisherman who have moored their boats here for generations, and in addition reflected the committed work of firefighters.  I saw the red fruit as a symbol of hope for both group’s safe return to their homes and families.

Roots of our Future

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