The image of a large tree as a metaphor for the homes and communities of the Brentwood neighbourhood. This imagery also mirrors the nearby trees that are the nightly home to thousands of crows Their night flights to treetop homes echo our  human migrationand the search for a better life and a secure home.

The tree rises, spreading and, reaching for light. It symbolizes Vancity’s members aspirations; the tree branches reflecting the diversity of paths while still grounded in the roots of our community.

Embedded into the tree branches are fragments of stories that speak to local history. Stories that talk about people’s first home, early days with their families and the lives and houses they constructed in the neighbourhood. These quotes were found within the oral history recordings at the Burnaby Archives and from branch staff. Many residentss who have grown up here, sitll reside here and have started their own families.

The work is made of glass that has been screen-printed with imagery and text using glazes kiln-fired to industrial specifications. Upcycled glass, incorporating off cuts, glass bound for the landfill, and old wood windows were used in the piece. I appreciate glass’ historical connection to the idea of home.